BETA "It IS all about you" Caregiver Support Group

Welcome!  I am so glad you decided to find out more about my
BETA "It IS all about You!" Caregiver Support program!

Join us for a six week online program that is designed for the CAREGIVER and is about the CAREGIVER.  The focus is on you and what we can do to make your life a little easier. 

The next group will start in November. Can't make that time? No problem - there will be more groups coming up.  Sign up now and enter the times that would work for you.

And I am offering this BETA program at 50% off the regular fee.  After the BETA period, this program will run for $250, it is available now for $125.

Due to the limited space, if you are interested please Register here.

What are the benefits of the program?
  1. Put you first! Put together action steps for your own self-care.
  2. Lift yourself up. Come away with a sense of empowerment.
  3. Build a social network! Connect with people going through the same situation.
  4. Develop a Coping toolbox. Get real tips and suggestions on how to handle your particular issues.
  5. Schedule friendly.  Since we meet virtually there is no travel required.
What is included in the BETA "It IS all about You!" Caregiver Self-care Support Program?
  • Weekly video calls with the support group
  • Each week we will cover a different topic that is related to your self-care
  • Each call will have time built in so the group can help one of its members with an issue
  • A private Facebook Group for all participants to continue discussion between calls and to provide feedback
  • Post replays of calls in Facebook of group for those who may have missed the meeting
  • Helpful resources will be posted in the Facebook group and/or emailed to each member
  • Each week you will get an email that details the next session of the support group 
  • Check in during the calls to see what help is needed to achieve your goals 
  • Self-care assignments each week

Here is what is covered in the 6 week self-care program:
  1. Your health
  2. Caregiver Stress/Social Interaction
  3. Caregiving Support
  4. Habilitation
  5. Dealing with Family Issues
  6. Simplifying your Life/Vital Documents
You deserve some support and help!  Take this step and see what a supportive group can do to help improve your daily challenges.

Sign up and take your first step towards self-care!  Again, there is a limited amount of spots at this price and the deadline is November 5th.  

If you are not already part of the Chameleon Wellness Community this signup makes you eligible for that. We do not spam you or sell your data.

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